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Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was a very successful author to say the least. One of the many things that I admire about him is his ambition. Charles Dickens wanted to live up to the standards that his father had always wanted him too. He was born middle class and his goal in life was to get out of the middle class and that is exactly what he did. One of the most remarkable things about his writings is how well known they are. I don’t think that I have ever read any of his work but that doesn’t mean I don’t know who Oliver Twist is or Ebenezer Scrooge. One obscure fact about Dickens was that he almost died in a train wreck.


Assignment #4

1. Where and when was the original Globe theatre built? 1599 in London

2. Why is the Globe associated with William Shakespeare? He owned shares in it and he was one of the leading players of the Lord Chamberlain’s Men

3. While watching a performance, where did the wealthy patrons sit? In tiered galleries around the open area

4. What were “groundlings” and where did they locate themselves during a performance? They were the peasants

5a. When was the globe torn down? 1644

b.  When was the New Globe rebuilt? 1999

6a.  What was the name of the first theatre in London? The Theatre

b.  What other theatres existed during Shakespeare’s time? The Rose, The Swan, and The Fortune


Literary Elements in a Video

Setting: Somewhere on the other side of the world in some Asian Country

Characterization: The main character is a deaf asian girl

Internal Conflict: The girl is deaf so she can’t hear her music, so she doubts herself

External Conflict: The girl that plays the piano is mean to the little violin girl

Symbolism: The girl learns to overcome her obstacle

Protagonist: The little violin girl and the street performer

Antagonist: Evil piano girl and the bad people that beat up the street performer

Irony: The little violin girl can play beautiful music but she can’t hear it

Climax: When the little violin girl goes to see the steet performer in the hospital

Theme: “Never gonna give you up”

Personal Opinion: The worst shampoo commercial I have ever seen. Shampoo commercials should be like thing one

I think this says everything

I think this says everything

Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson





The End

Assignment #6

I thought that the bird had an extremely annoying voice. The sound was created by its voice made me want to cry but in the end the bird is still the word.                  


The Media and Appearence

The media is bad. The media makes people think that they are ugly. By the time a girl is 17 years old 78% of them are unhappy with their own body. This could be blamed on the media or McDonalds. I don’t know which one it is so  I am going to focus on the media, because they are bad. The media provides an unattainable  image for young girls. Basically, according to the media they should all look like Barbie. Barbie is just a dumb blonde with an eating disorder that is made from plastic. It is estimated that one thousand women die each year from anorexia. This can be blamed on the media. Many women feel like they should have plastic surgery to make themselves look better. Some of them do look better but when it is over done it just looks fake and gross. Low elf esteem should not be a reason for plastic surgery. Blame the media and Barack Obama because he is the root of all evil this country.

Witch Trial

Witch Trial

These witches are pretty much the same as the Puritan Witches. Anyone could be convicted of witchcraft. All you had to do is accusing someone of casting a spell on you, like turning you into a Newt. The Puritan witches were hanged for their crimes. The witches in this video were burned instead. The witches are burned because they are made of wood. Wood floats and so does a duck. So logically if he or she weighed the same as a duck… he or she is made of wood and therefore a witch.

In my trial I confessed and said that I was a witch. The truth is that I didn’t want to lose my life for a crime that I may or may not committed. I am still alive to cast a spell another day. The end

I really hate the 5k race it is just too long.